About us

About us

Hotel Agua de Cienega

We are the first Boutique Hotel in Yucatan focused on couples, accompanied by romantic experiences, thus achieving a unique stay in all of Mexico.

At Agua de Ciénega we always work with effort, total sincerity, transparency, cleanliness and punctuality to achieve the best experience for our guests.

About Our Founder

Félix Augusto López Cureño is the name of the founder of Agua de Ciénega Hotel, young, born in Hunucmá, Yucatán.

His vision is to turn Hunucmá into a tourist reference, creating an economic spill in the municipality, managing to raise the name of this beautiful entity. Creating a brand specialized in romance.

He is a lover of natural landscapes, a traveler to multiple cities and tropical colors, he saw in Agua de Ciénega the possibility of helping, innovating and growing in a positive way and thus growing favorably the tourism sector, to undertake a new travel idea for people who like of this activity, in addition to creating an economic benefit that helps local jobs.


Provide our guests with excellent hospitality, creating warm and pleasant experiences through individualized treatment by highly motivated staff.


Representing the hospitality of the region, persevering and promoting our cultural, social and environmental values creating unique moments that motivate our guests to return.

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